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Our Why

We have witnessed many grave injustices and wrongful convictions over the years.  Mishandled police interviews have tipped the scales of justice, destroying innocent lives – while the real perpetrators walk free.

Consequently, large efforts have gone into research and legislation. With the clear need for technology and competence to ensure justice David Horn Communications Ltd and Indico Systems AS were established in the United Kingdom and Norway. In March 2023 they were brought together under the same brand: Davidhorn.


David Horn Communications Ltd. was founded by former Chief Superintendent David Horn in 1985. David was on the original Steering Committee for the introduction of recorded interviewing. The company was the first to develop a digital recording solution which fully met the legislation for interview recording in the UK and has been instrumental and credited within the legislation for digital recording of witness interviews.

10 years later the Norwegian Police followed the same process of reforming the investigative interview process. Under a scientifically based guiding principle, non-coercive interviewing techniques were proven to be far more accurate in deriving the truth. Indico was established in Norway in 2002, bringing an interview recording solution capable of withstanding the scrutiny in court.

In February 2021, David Horn Communications Ltd. was acquired by the Norwegian Indico Systems AS. The two companies are now merging into Davidhorn and will continue to deliver world class investigative interviewing techniques and solutions. Today, a large number of international Police Forces regard Davidhorn as their trusted partner to implement and uphold their investigative interviewing methods.   

[ˈtraɪ.ə.lɒɡ], noun:

A discussion or conversation
in which three parties
are involved.

How do we co-operate, even
when we are completely
different or total strangers?

Bringing in a 3rd party
to a conversation, like a
member of the public,
or a camera, changes
the dynamic.

Davidhorn is the new company name