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Screengrab of Ark Interview Management

Ark Interview Management

Ark is an interview management solution for accurate functionality to receive, monitor and retain the evidence throughout its lifetime. With new features like automated speech-to-text and interview summaries your force can save time and cost.   

All of our Digital Interview Recording solutions and devices are seamlessly connected to Ark to facilitate recording of evidence on smart phones, interview rooms, laptop, and bodyworn devices.

Ark integrates out-of-the box with most of the larger Digital Evidence Management Suites (DEMS) for a seamless user experience and storage of your choice.

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  • Compliant with PACE/ MoPI 
  • Digital fingerprint 
  • Task and workflow management 
  • Integration friendly 
  • Web-based (no access app needed) 
  • Configurable 
  • Easily upload external files 
  • Automatic transcription of recordings 
  • GDPR compliant 
  • Device management 
  • Cloud or on-prem 
  • Compatible with Davidhorn backend or backend of your choice
  • Deployable on: 

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