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We collaborate with police forces around the world to optimise investigation performance to reduce time and improve accuracy. Davidhorn has supplied the police in Europe with evidence gathering and surveillance equipment from the outset. Our technology is PACE compliant and widely used across the globe.

Our Digital Interview Recorder is the most widely used PACE compliant device in the UK and due to the inherently compliant nature of our product suite, in continuous demand globally. 

Also, we are now recognised as a world leader in the surveillance field – particularly in audio/video surveillance and tracking. 

Systems are designed wholly in-house or in close conjunction with specialist partners including WireOnAir A/S of Denmark. We are sole distributor in the UK and in Dubai for WireOn Air A/S. 

Equipment may be directly ‘off-the-shelf’ or designed and integrated to meet a specific operational need.  Confidentially is assured throughout the whole design and manufacturing process. 

Our most popular products for the Police

Davidhorn Fixed Recorder
Davidhorn Mobile Recorder
Davidhorn Portable Recorder
Davidhorn Ark Interview Management

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