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Miscarriages of justice in Thomas Quick case

The Thomas Quick Case: A Lesson in the Importance of Ethical Investigative Interviewing and Police Recording Technology

The Thomas Quick case underscores the vital importance of ethical standards in investigative interviewing and the necessity for reliable police recording technology. This blog examines Quick’s notorious wrongful convictions due…
13th June 2024
Webinar on Child Forensic Interviewing

Transforming Child Interviewing: Insights from the Latest Webinar on the Barnahus Model

The recent webinar hosted by Davidhorn provided crucial insights into the transformative approaches to forensic child interviewing and the role of the Barnahus Network in child protection, showcasing its growing…
3rd June 2024
Icelandic police working with Davidhorn

The Impact of Davidhorn’s Systems on Icelandic Police Operations.

The IT Department of the Central Police Force in Iceland between 2000 and 2003, orchestrated a game-changing transition by acquiring and implementing a system called LOKE. The dawn of 2005…
28th May 2024
The Importance of Police Interview Recording

The Importance of Police Interview Recording in Investigative Interviewing

In the landscape of modern justice systems, the practice of recording police interviews has emerged as a vital tool for enhancing transparency and integrity within law enforcement. This blog explores…
10th May 2024
Improving Courtroom Evidence Presentation: A Guide for Law Enforcement

Improving Courtroom Evidence Playback: A Guide for Law Enforcement

The Importance of Recording Interviews  In today's legal landscape, the accurate recording of interviews with witnesses and suspects is critical for building solid evidence and is increasingly recognised as best…
4th April 2024
People performing an investigative interview

Key Insights from Davidhorn’s Ebook “Planning of A Suspect Interview Suite” – What to Keep in Mind

Understanding the Complexity of Modern Justice In a world where complexities are ever-present, the proper planning and execution of suspect interviews become increasingly vital. Faced with the challenging task of…
12th February 2024
Birgitte's grave

The Birgitte Tengs Case: A Continuing Saga of Judicial Error

The Birgitte Tengs case remains a haunting chapter in Norway’s criminal history, continuously marked by errors of justice. This tragic story, which began in 1995 with the murder of Birgitte…
5th February 2024
Infographic of three levels of leadership

How to Foster Transformational Leadership in Law Enforcement.

The report How to Foster Transformational Leadership produced by the UNDP ODC, delves into transformational leadership and its implications for global governance. It emphasises the need for leadership that extends beyond…
16th January 2024
BlogCase Studies

Redfish: A Trusted Partner in Australia

We are proud to highlight our partnership with Redfish Technologies Pty Ltd, an innovative Australian based company that specialises in digital recording and high level AV integration and implementation. Together,…
28th December 2023
Picture of child on a swing

Building an Interview Suite for Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses: What to Keep in Mind

In an increasingly complex world, children and vulnerable individuals often face harrowing situations. For some, this means confronting the trauma of facing their perpetrators in court and undergoing cross-examination. It…
20th September 2023

Davidhorn supports UN to Transform Kenyan Criminal Justice System

In a significant stride towards upholding human rights in Kenya, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is leading an initiative to enhance the nation's criminal justice policies.…
17th August 2023
Photography of a German police woman and a police man leaning towards a car
Case Studies

Schleswig-Holstein Polizei

You can read the story in English here. Lesen Sie, wie sich der Wandel in der Opferhilfe bei Sexualdelikten in Schleswig-Holstein vollzog durch: Innovative Opferunterstützung: Zur Umstellung legte das Team,…
14th August 2023
Photo of CEO Børge Hansen

Why Technology Contributes to Better Justice

The subject matter of this article pertains specifically to a Norwegian issue – namely, the limited use of recording equipment in Norwegian courtrooms. We believe that this represents a universal…
4th July 2023
Picture from Birmingham

Exhibiting at the 2023 CTSI Conference

Come meet us on stand #2 the Trading Standards CTSI conference in Birmingham, UK on the 20th-22nd of June 2023. We are presenting our latest purchasing evidential recording solutions, tailored…
24th May 2023
People performing an investigative interview

7 Steps for Conducting an Effective Interview

Investigative interviewing is a critical tool for gathering information. The field and effectiveness of investigative interviews have been widely studied over decades within law enforcement used as a took to…
6th May 2023
Person being interviewed

Turning Interrogation into Investigative Interviewing

Investigative interviewing is a crucial tool for law enforcement, journalists, and other professionals who need to gather accurate and reliable information from people. It should not be confused with interrogation,…
5th May 2023
Photo from our stand in Dubai

2023 World Police Summit in Dubai

We were present at the impressive 2023 World Police Summit (WPS) in Dubai where we also launched our new brand.We are looking forward to seeing you all there again next…
10th March 2023
Davidhorn is the new company name

Rebranding: David Horn Communications and Indico Systems become Davidhorn Under New Leadership

David Horn Communications and Indico are Europe’s leading providers of technical interview solutions for police forces and investigative authorities. Based out of the UK and Norway the companies are now rebranding and…
6th March 2023

David Horn have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13 framework.

DHC offer the Evidence Capture enterprise solution via Lot 2 – Cloud Software services. Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods…
13th December 2022

Exhibiting in the Bahamas

David Horn Communications exhibited at the 36th Annual General meeting of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) held from 30th May to 2nd June 2022 in Nassau. Picture…
8th June 2022

We are pleased to announce that Indico Systems AS. have acquired David Horn Communications Ltd.

Grimstad, Norway, February 16, 2021 – Indico Systems AS (“Indico” or the “Company”) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of David Horn Communications Ltd (“David Horn”), a leading…
22nd February 2021
HD Ultra Portable Interview Recorder

Launching Davidhorn Portable Recorder

Introducing the new HD Ultra-Portable interview recorder.  This device has been designed to be the World’s smallest fully featured PACE compliant evidential recorder. David Horn Communications Limited have combined 30+ years…
15th October 2018

Our latest Full HD/IP External Module camera

We are delighted to introduce this latest HD/IP Module camera. Suitable for both indoor and external use, it is a robust, motorized , zoom, low-light, surveillance camera using the latest…
13th February 2018

TTPS choose Multistream to help fight against crime and corruption

David Horn Communications Limited have successfully completed the installation of Multistream interview recording equipment in two rooms at the Financial Intelligence Bureau (FIB), Port of Spain for the Trinidad &…
30th May 2016

Continued support in the fight against child abuse

Following our supply, and the successful implementation of Multistream interview recording equipment to the Province of Tucumán, Argentina in 2013, we have recently completed the supply of an additional Multistream…
29th April 2016

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