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Stand-alone CD/DVD Interview Transcriber Kit

Features of the Stand-alone CD/DVD Interview Transcriber Kit:

  • It is purpose-designed and built in-house meeting the requirement for a high-quality, professional standalone transcriber to facilitate verbatim transcripts of digital interviews. 
  • It transcribes from all known digital interview recording formats. 
  • Interviews may be transcribed using the high fidelity integral speaker or stereo headphones (supplied). 
  • The integrated 5” touchscreen acts as an additional aid to transcription. 
  • Precise navigation through the interview is made using the soft touch control panel or foot-switch (supplied). 
  • Compact but highly robust, with both the chassis and main cabinet being manufactured in metal. This, combined with non-slip feet, enables the unit to remain in place whilst operating the control panel and using headphones 

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