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Fixed Interview Recorder

The Davidhorn Fixed Interview Recorder is a flexible PACE compliant HD Fixed Interview Recorder for custody, voluntary attendance, achieving best evidence (ABE) interview recording. This is a fixed solution which is installed in your interview rooms.

It is a robust recorder, designed for long service life.
The recorder is easy to operate and require minimal training.

Our Fixed Interview Recorder integrates seamlessly with Davidhorn Ark where you can manage all of your interviews or integrated into your current evidence management solution.

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  • All in one design 
  • 3 ch. video recording (up to 1080P) 
  • Integrated screen 
  • AES256 Encryption 
  • SHA256 digital signature 
  • Network upload 
  • Integrated battery backup to prevent data corruption/loss 
  • User friendly 
  • Integrated DVD writer (optional)
  • Compatible with: Davidhorn Ark Interview Management or the evidence management solution of your own choice

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