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Environment Agency & Local Authorities

We have for many years supplied a wide range of equipment from interview recording machines and accessories to covert audio-video products to assist the Environment Agency and Local Authorities in their work. Numerous successful prosecutions, many of which have appeared in the national press and on television, have been achieved using equipment designed and manufactured by David Horn Communications.

With ever increasing levels of environmental crime, including the dumping of hazardous waste, fly-tipping, graffiti and abandoned vehicles, enforcement officers need ever more sophisticated video evidence-gathering tools to identify and prosecute the perpetrators.

UP1 RDK kit

Our tamper proof, easily deployed, UP1 RDK kit provides HD recording in almost any light conditions, a continuous chain of evidence, critical in gaining a successful prosecution in any court hearing.
An extensive range of technologically advanced but easy to operate equipment is available:-
Autonomous video recording systems that may be left buried for many weeks at a time in problem areas.

Widely used in lay-bys and isolated rural locations and hidden outside industrial premises to monitor the transportation of hazardous waste.
Systems are supplied complete with various triggers to initiate recordings and therefore represent huge manpower savings.

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