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We have supplied the police in in the Uk and overseas with evidence gathering and surveillance equipment from the outset. Our Digital Interview Recorder is the UK and ROI Police’s most widely used PACE compliant device.

Also, we are now recognised as a world leader in the surveillance field – particularly in audio/video surveillance and tracking.

Systems are designed wholly in-house or in close conjunction with specialist partners including WireOnAir A/S of Denmark.

Equipment may be directly ‘off-the-shelf’ or designed and integrated to meet a specific operational need.  Confidentially is assured throughout the whole design and manufacturing process.

Digital Interview Recorders

The DHC MultiStream recorder range meets or exceeds all legislative requirements and recommendations and offers a future-proof, modular design.

Covert Audio & Video

We have built a reputation over the years for producing some of the most innovative covert audio and video products in the industry.

Body Worn Video

Theia – our latest P.A.C.E. compliant Body Worn Video device offers up to full HD 1080P video, with integral Wi-Fi and GPS receiver for GEO tagging files.


A full range of tracking products is available complete with modems, processors, dishes and antennas.

Specialist Negotiator Kits

Pre-wired and quickly deployable siege and hostage negotiator kits are available from David Horn Communications.

Maintenance & Support

We offer a number of tailored maintenance and support options to meet the operational requirements of customers.

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