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David Horn Communications and Indico are Europe’s leading providers of technical interview solutions for police forces and investigative authorities. Based out of the UK and Norway the companies are now rebranding and becoming Davidhorn. In addition to supplying interview recording technology, Davidhorn will now also equip interviewers with professional training, skills and knowledge designed to bring out the details for justice.

The Legacy of David Horn

David Horn Communications Ltd. was established by Chief Superintendent David Horn, who sat on the UK’s original Steering Committee for introducing recorded interviewing. The company was the first to develop a digital solution which fully meets the legal requirements for recording interviews and has been the main provider of interviewing solutions to the UK police forces and investigative authorities over the last 40 years.  

Indico Systems: Investigative Interviewing Pioneers

Indico is a trusted partner in implementing and upholding ethical interview methods and standards based on their scientifically proven approach to authenticated interview recordings by several European Police Forces.

In the 1990s the Norwegian Police Force scientifically proved that non-coercive interviewing techniques produce far more accurate and reliable information. To secure proof and improve the interview process, the Norwegian Police partnered with the team behind Indico to design an interview recording solution guaranteeing tamper-proof evidence that would stand up in any court. By producing fully authenticated recordings, they created a level playing field for all parties in the justice process.

Serving Justice under New Leadership

Indico and David Horn Communication share a determination to go beyond serving the different parties in an investigation to serving justice itself.

Davidhorn’s new CEO, Børge Hansen

The new and merged company is bringing the best from both David Horn Communications and Indico Systems under the leadership of new CEO, Børge Hansen

“Today, the name Davidhorn indicates investigative interviewing done right” Børge Hansen said. “We intend to carry on his legacy by further strengthening the tools required for producing impartial, trustworthy evidence.”

“Justice, transparency, and a level playing field are fundamental to our democracies,” Hansen added. “They are also vital elements of any professional interview.”  

“By combining a toolkit for interview training with fully authenticated recordings, we’ll help optimise the interview situation while protecting the integrity of all parties involved. Ultimately, this will not only protect our civil rights – it will unlock the truth and equip all involved for justice,” Hansen said.

Note that we are keeping our legal entities in each country, hence the rebranding does have an impact on the practical purposes, like customers contracts or legal documents.