14th May 2016

DHC/NICHE Technology Integrated Network Solutions

The Merseyside Police interview solution is configured with the DHC Multistream recorders interfaced to NICHE Custody Suite software and back-office Case Management software. The interface to the Custody Suite systems allows demographic information entered by the Custody Officer to be sent to the recorder and become part of the recorded interview.  The recorder adds further information (including recorder ID, location details, and interview start and stop times) to the demographics and in the case of a network only solution it is uploaded to NICHE along with the recorded interview.

Secure storage is on ‘NICE’ on the Microsoft Azure cloud, NICE Investigate is a comprehensive, scalable, cloud-based, end-to-end solution for managing investigations and digital evidence. NICE Investigate automates digital evidence collection, analysis and sharing to enhance case solvability and transform investigators into more efficient and effective crime-solvers.

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