27th April 2015

Interview Recorder Solution

David Horn Communications Limited have successfully rolled out a fully networked Interview Recorder solution for West Yorkshire Police, In addition, these have been integrated to the incumbent NICHE RMS.

This has resulted in the force only running and maintaining one database, offering greater saving than having to run a separate dedicated database for Interview Recordings. The new system is estimated to save the force around £15,000 a month.

The Multistream digital recording systems replaced the tape recorders used in interviews since 1991.

We have rigorously tested the machines and used it over the busy Christmas period. Staff found it helped make the investigative process quicker, smoother and more effective.

Officers are able to access interviews from any device connected to the force's network, increasing the amount of time they can spend in our communities.

The improved quality of audio makes for easier and more accurate transcriptions, with the additional benefit of visual recordings available if needed.

In the future, it will be possible for officers to record audio and video interviews away from police premises, using a portable version of the new machines.

Digital Interview Recording brings us even closer to the forefront of modern policing, allowing us to ensure the best possible service for the victims and witnesses of West Yorkshire.

Geoff DoddWest Yorkshire Police Assist Chief Constable
west yorkshire police

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